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Bad Ass Work Bags – The Ultimate Offshore Bag

If you’re looking for the toughest offshore bag, you’ve come to the right place.  Oilfield workers trust our industrial strength work bags to stand up to the daily punishment your offshore bag will take out on the job all while keeping your clothes or toys clean and dry.

Don’t look like a “Worm” by bringing your Jansport (Ha!) or other brand name everyday bag out in the field!  Our rugged, tough, top of the line offshore bag will show that you mean business.

Bad Ass Work Bags is a name you can trust.  We’ve specially designed our work bags for the oilfield, and our designs have been proven in harsh environments from the heat and salt of the Gulf of Mexico to the freezing cold of Canada and Alaska.  Plus, the name says it all.

With three sizes to choose from and multiple colors to choose from, we have an offshore bag to fit your needs.

Bad ass men deserve a bad ass bag.