About the Founder

Bad Ass Work Bags Founder, Paul Chittenden



Name: Paul Chittenden

Born: Houma, Louisiana

Current Location: Houston, Texas

Work Experience: Tetra Technologies, Schlumberger, Vetco Gray, GE Oil & Gas

Favorite Oil Rig: Cajun Express



Why start a bag company? That doesn’t sound too manly…

Starting a bag company does sound like something a sissy would do, but these aren’t just any bags.  Bad Ass Work Bags are pretty damned tough.  And to be honest, all other bag companies are a bunch of wussies.

The real story:

It’s not like I grew up thinking I would make the baddest work bags on the planet for a living.  I wanted to do something manly like rescuing pretty girls from burning buildings, chasing bath salt zombies through the sewers of Manhattan, chopping down trees with a dull axe, or owning a Hooter’s.

When I started working offshore after graduating as a “Ragin Cajun” from ULL, I got my first work bag.  It was a tough bag, but it did get a lot of wear from tossing it onto the grating of production platforms. I still use that bag to this day as my travel bag even though I’m no longer in the field. I’ve hauled it to remote areas of Wyoming, the tundra of Edmonton (just kidding you Canuck’s), and all the way to Singapore.

The funny thing is, people have always stopped and asked me about my awesome bag.  Not your namby-pamby Wall Street types, I’m talking about real men: like oilfield personnel from around the world, hunters and fisherman, members of the military, and other guys that were so manly I was to afraid to ask what they did (I assumed they were gangsters when they asked if they were strong enough to carry a 250 lb body and bags of cement).

That’s when I realized I had to make a tougher bag.  One that could could handle 600 lbs, was water resistant, fire retardant, and made even panty-waisted momma’s boy look tough.

So here we are…  The toughest bags for the toughest men.  Get one, if you’re man enough.